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Mitchell Reports delivers comprehensive 
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Conducting surveillance is clearly a talent where only the best get results. That’s why Mitchell Reports wins so many court cases.


As a national leader in Civil and Criminal investigations, we know the value of detecting and preempting risks. After tens of thousands of successful assignments we consistently impact our clients cases.


Have your suspicions of a cheating spouse turned your world upside down?

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Your children could be in harm’s way but can you prove it?

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Always wanted to be a private investigator? Get a degree. Turn your passion for private investigations into a career. Taking photos and research are what you love to do. Did you know you can turn this passion into a career?
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Put an end to suspicious and fraudulent claims by conducting a thorough and quality investigation.



People go missing for many reasons, some innocent, while others don’t want to be found.

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Find, shop for and buy Books or eBooks from our ever growing selection. Online shopping from the nation’s best sources in the private investigative world. Choose from our collection of books on a variety of current investigative trends.

When I was in dire need of private investigative help, a friend recommended Bill Mitchell – and I am so thankful he did. From my first conversation with Bill, I was confident that he understood my situation and knew exactly what to do about it. He conceived a strategy for obtaining the information I needed, and then he carried it out to perfection. In addition to his thorough investigative work, Bill also provided solid counsel and strategic advice – sometimes contrary to my own instincts – which proved to be absolutely right every time. His intuition, confidence, and professionalism helped me navigate an extremely stressful season of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill to anyone – his services are worth every penny.
Charles, Greenville, SC
We strongly felt something was wrong in our youngest daughter’s marriage. A friend encouraged and suggested Bill Mitchell as a private investigator. From our initial consultation, we were impressed with Bill’s knowledge and experience in the field. We hired his help and within a week our suspicions were confirmed. Bill’s intuition and skill of surveillance were thorough and most professional.

We appreciate his prompt communication and collaboration with us during this time. We highly recommend Bill Mitchell for any investigation needs.
Kim E. Greenville, SC
I want to thank you and Mitchell Reports Investigations for your prompt and attentive service. I believe as a result of your excellent service, I have been spared a large measure of grief and substantial financial losses.
Sincerely, Charles F. Greenville, SC
It has been said that "Ignorance is Bliss". Nothing could be further from the truth. "Knowledge is Power", I needed power when I was involved in a Civil lawsuit based on lies, I reached out to Bill Mitchell to investigate this person in an attempt to exonerate myself. I won, she was asking for an enormous amount of money, she received not one dime from me. Sometimes we are helpless on our own, and need outside help. If you come up against a situation such as this, I highly recommend that you reach out to Bill Mitchell at Mitchell Reports Investigations for assistance, then will you know that you're not on your own. Thank you Bill for your help in my time of need.
Best Regards, Y. Scott

From the time I began feeling suspicion of infidelity in my marriage, I gave strong consideration to hiring a private investigator. Every time something abnormal would happen, I would get on the internet and start looking through the investigator listings, sometimes even calling and speaking with investigators. The end result was always the same…. I’d get cold feet, worry about throwing away money for no purpose, and eventually back out. Then, I had a conversation and face to face meeting with Bill Mitchell, and my opinion’s in regard to the value of investigation completely changed. Bill Mitchell explained the investigation process in a manner which clearly illustrated both the value of data and the direct influence of third party observation in the settlement of a divorce. From that point I was sold, and it was probably one of the smartest investments I have ever made.

  1. Professionalism and courtesy
  2. Prompt communication and a collaborative tactical partnership
  3. World class instinct, intuition, and surveillance skill
  4. Advisement on best courses of action based on Bill’s tremendous breadth of knowledge and experience in the area of divorce settlement
  5. Around the clock availability to answer questions or provide updates
  6. Most importantly, a sounding board for ideas, and an advocate for your cause

Bill was my most prolific and reliable advisor throughout the process, and I would have hired him as my attorney had that been an option. Within 10 days he was able to gather enough information to seal my case, which lead to the most desirable settlement possible. Even after his work was completed, Bill stayed in touch with me and provided advice right on through the date of the settlement.

If you are experiencing that uneasy feeling that something abnormal is going on in your relationship, don’t be afraid of what you may or may not find out through an investigator. The service of a well-trained – professional – investigator is the greatest insurance policy you can ever have. The best case scenario is you find out nothing is happening, and achieve peace of mind. The other scenario is you learn what is really going on, and gain total leverage over your future outcome. In my opinion, those are both “best case” depending on your situation. If you are considering hiring a private investigator, for any reason, go with the best…. Go with Bill Mitchell.

Bill W., Greenville, SC
I just wanted to email you a note of appreciation for a job well done. You (and your firm) were very professional, thorough, and reasonable. I live in Buffalo, and I needed someone in SC to take care of this business for me. I had no idea who to contact. I feel I was very fortunate in making contact with Mr Mitchell, who carried out this job in a very professional manner, and do thank you.
Kathleen C., Buffalo, NY
I want to thank Mr. Mitchell for his effort in helping me locate information that I needed. Bill Mitchell was so professional and kind with me. I refer Mitchell Reports' agency to anyone in need of a good PI.
Tamerra T., Spartanburg, SC
This statement is a testament to the professionalism and extreme value of the work of Bill Mitchell. There are few words to express the efficiency and effectiveness of Mr. Mitchell's work, especially in the venue of infidelity. His efforts were instrumental in the making of my case, and his advice and counsel in such matters proved to be invaluable. For anyone in need of his services I would recommend him without reservation
Robert, Greenville, SC
I was very impressed with the level of service that was provided to us in such a timely fashion. If you need to get the job done...I highly recommend Bill! Thank you for your assistance and such excellent service!
Janae Rozema, Northstar Holdings LLC
I'm writing to say again thank you. Your investigation has allowed me to accomplish my goal. God Bless you and your work.
Gloria S., New York City
Excellent work Bill. You provided exactly what I needed. Thanks,
Stephen Fulton Shaw, J.D., Ph.D., Attorney at Law
Bill simply is the best PI around. He is always reliable, creative, and personable. His work is always timely and he goes the extra mile to get even the most complex jobs done right the first time. I highly recommend Bill for any PI needs.
Tim Wooten, Attorney/Partner, Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Bill is known in the industry to be a professional in all types of investigations. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.
Stuart Mauney, Attorney/Shareholder, Gallivan, White & Boyd, P.A.
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