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Infidelity and Marriage
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You’ve been dating for two years and his cell phone is oftentimes off.

You met him online, but something doesn’t feel right.

You married him ten years ago and have this funny feeling inside.

You believe in “happily ever after” but sleepless nights are wearing you down.

Does this sound like you?
Sad to say, even marriages “made in heaven” are sometimes complicated by infidelity.

The choice is yours
Right now you may be wondering whether you should stay in your relationship or marriage and be forgiving or leave. This book will help you decide to stay with integrity or leave with dignity.

E-Book - $14.77
Infidelity – fact and fiction
We all know someone who has a cheating spouse, but gossip does not make an epidemic. Through this book you will come to see from actual case file stories and interviews with nationally respected authorities – powerful facts about marriage and thoughtfully designed action plans. The goal of this book is to help you make an informed decision based on the facts rather than on suspicion. Through stories and resources, our wish is to help you:
This is the time to learn what’s real and what’s not. With each passing day you maybe learning how to cope, but is that really what you want? Stop the sadness. End the turmoil. Learn the truth. Take control. And then decide.

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