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The More You Know
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Dear Anxious Spouse:

Is your husband or wife cheating on you? Are feeling betrayed, lied to, deceived and paralyzed by fear?

A cheating spouse will lie to you, they will deflect, and forcing you to spy on them. Any hesitation could hurt you, your kids, and your future. Adultery is serious business. A cheating spouse, cheating wife, unfaithful husband will rob your marriage and possibly burden you with a mountain of undeserved debt. You deserve the truth!

Again, the question; “is adultery happening to me?” endlessly runs through your mind. He does not answer my calls and keeps showing up late. You keep asking yourself “Am I crazy or just plain paranoid? What’s going on? Is it possible my wife is “stepping out” on me and I just don’t know it? Why is he locking the cell phones and his laptop?”

Then you are troubled with these thoughts:

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The More You Know
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Softcover - $14.97 E-Book - $14.95
Do I follow him around; take pictures of her myself, “tap the phone” and what is legal for me to do about it? I keep asking myself, is my lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, or wife leaving me for someone else?

In reality “I’m paralyzed with fear and anxiety. Suspicions are eating me alive. And I don’t know what to do about it. How do I find out? I’d don’t know if it’s legal to hire a computer geek to exam my PC or can I record our conversations. Can or should I hire a private investigator to get the goods? I need somebody to give me answers, directions, and a plan of action.” Right so far?

Let’s take some of the guest work out of knowing where you stand in your relationship. After years of tracking down cheating spouses they slip up and leave many clues.

Here’s a 20 tip off list you are probably being cheating on: YOU DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH

Is it a physical affair? And who is the other person and what’s going? You need to know now!

“I’m not sleeping, crying all the time and I don’t know for sure what’s going on. The pain is real and nothing makes sense anymore.”

Hesitation and denial are keeping me from acting.

If it’s adultery, then you must know what you’re working with to restore your marriage, call it quits and get your power back.

But how will you know for sure?


I’m private investigator Bill Mitchell, the “go to guy” for Dr. Phil and thousands of clients like you buried with serious doubts. I created a low-cost solution for people like you with nagging suspicions and unanswered questions. It’s an affordable alternative to hiring someone like me to do the leg work for you.

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The More You Know
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Softcover - $14.97 E-Book - $14.95
I can’t be everywhere, 24/7, all the time, so I wrote this book that everyone can afford. You will be able to get the evidence and support you need and your cheating spouse will not be able to weasel out of it.

The More You Know will help you get your balance back. If your spouse is cheating on you, then details are the ultimate remedy. Are you tired of the lies, deception and being deceived another day?

In Chapter Two “Eight Signs of Adultery” I identified over four decades from thousands of solved cases. Here’s what really happened in their battle for truth so you will see what happens when a spouse, boyfriend, lover, significant other or partner cheats. These warning signs you must grasp immediately. I will teach you how to react to them without giving up your power.

Chapter Three “Get the Proof” shows you exactly where we look for proof - in many overlooked places. Why waste time that’s in short supply? Learn the where, when, who, and how of the affair. I’ve tracked statistics on this subject and identify who cheats, locations, events, places and most likely partners. This is valuable help to quickly steer you in the right direction. You can’t afford not to know this stuff.

In Chapter Ten you will get 10 steps to rebuild your future if you discover your spouse has cheated. I want you to avoid costly mistakes others made with a cheating spouse.

I discovered how my boyfriend was cheating on me after downloading The More You Know and called off our wedding plans in time. Thanks Bill for wisdom and understanding. I would have married that cheat.

Tina B
Louisville, KY
Turn suspicion into knowledge and knowledge into power!

Unhappy, then protect yourself from infidelity and get the information you need to change your life. The facts will unravel the lies. If you think they are cheating, having an affair, seeing someone else, then get the evidence - prove it!

I went from anxious to action. I found the help I needed – thanks Bill!

David Z. - 42
Binghamton, NY

I know this is hard and probably the worst time of your life. But once you know what's what, you'll be empowered - maybe to bust the affair and repair your marriage or end it. The choice is yours.

But first things first. Get the facts - empower yourself. The only risk is not knowing.

Get started right now by protecting yourself with information and knowledge. You deserve the truth! Learn who is the other woman or man. This betrayal must be proven.

If your spouse wanted to confess then he or she would have told you by now.

My husband was seeing his old girlfriend until I nailed him red-handed thanks to Bill’s book.!

Laura T 32
Englewood, NJ

Evidence is a game changer.

But should I snoop? It does not feel right. If you believe you have a dishonest spouse you better do something before it’s too late. Good people, (hurting inside), tend to be afraid to learn the truth, afraid to know. They make the mistake of not reacting wisely.

I got clarity after downloading Bill’s book for just $20.00.!

Susan Z
Phoenix, AZ

Fact is, a cheating spouse always denies, leaving you the last to know about the affair.

The cheating husband or cheating wife does not want anyone to stop them. They will cheat until to you put an end to their deceitful affair. They want a “squeeze” on the side. Why let them read your mind and get away with it another day? You must know the best course of action for your life. The feelings of being blindsided will be no more too? No one can predict your future, but I can help you discover the “real story.”

I used Bill’s investigative knowledge and advice only to discover my husband wasn’t cheating on me but had a gambling addiction. Thank goodness. Bill sure knows how to handle a crisis. It worked for me.!

Katie L - 37
Kennesaw, WA

Once more, if it’s adultery, then you must know what you’re working with to restore your marriage, call it quits and get your power back.

P.S.: Buy the eBook, buy the softcover, and you will also receive my bonus report called Emergency Infidelity Survival Plan. If you don’t like it, no problem we offer a 120 day full refund. I guarantee if it does not do the job the only risk to you is not to act or remain paralyzed, feeling powerless and locked in your own unhappiness.

Maybe you only have one computer or can provide a trusted friends address. If you prefer the softcover, I recommend you get your own postal box first. We ship the book in a Priority Mail envelope addressed to a “safe location.”

So, please get my book today. I want to help!

If your spouse is cheating, (let’s hope not), but get the truth. Here’s how you get the information, that’s the start you need. Again, there’s no risk to you to purchase it, the only risk to YOU is not having the truth at your disposal.

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The More You Know
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Softcover - $14.97 E-Book - $14.95

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